We are having warm weather all week.  I am excited by this.  I am excited because it is the second week of April, and it has been known to snow during the second week of April.  But this year, we’ve had some freakishly fine weather, and the tulips are up, the azaleas have buds, everything around us has the glow of the tiny green leaf. Even the April showers were here last week.  It is spring.  Lighting has been streaking horizontally across the water.  The star magnolias are in bloom.  April has outsmarted that nasty T.S. Eliot-given curse about cruelty and delayed gratification. 

All our desires are fulfilled this week.  Wasteland, be banished.  We have bounty, plenty, and spring.  In honor of April,  we have mushur dal with peas (not pictured), lamb curry, zucchini with cilantro, and whole wheat roti.  

Recipes to be posted soon.   Still reading?  Go enjoy the sunshine!  Head outdoors.  Bask in the newfound warmth of spring.


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  1. Dilek says:

    Your a very lively writer, Mimi. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks! Dilek

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