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Opposites Attract

I realize I haven’t posted any Bengali recipes in awhile.  I’ve been cooking Bengali food – but it hasn’t been all that pretty, especially when I am rushing around and getting ready to serve dinner by a certain hour so … Continue reading

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Spring Chickens Revisited

About a year ago, I posted an entry about a green apple chicken salad.  I am partial to chicken salad, and even more partial to apples in a chicken salad.  With a bit of tart and a bite of sweet, … Continue reading

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Make It Fast

Make it now.  Make it taste good.  And make it nutritious too.  These are the demands of busy families.   The timeline of cooking shifts when children are present, especially the littlest ones who demand our constant attention.   Long hours spent … Continue reading

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The Perfect Couple

I occasionally disobey one of the cardinal rules of entertaining and try my hand at a dish that I’ve never quite made before.  It’s heresy, I know, and I’m either setting myself or my guests up for an experience we … Continue reading

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The Bengali meal, when allowed to  showboat in all its unabated complexity, is a grandiose, multi-course affair.  For very special occasions, one might be served 12 to 15 courses.  But for the less spectacular, everyday meal, one would be served … Continue reading

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Summer Stuffed Peppers

Why is it impossible to find a good stuffed pepper?  I’ve tried a few at some of the popular Greek or Mediterranean restaurants in Chicago, and all are a sad, bland mess.  Unseasoned, tinny, soggy peppers, even sadder fillings that … Continue reading

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Who Knew?

Who knew the ubiquitous and mild zucchini could be so versatile?  They are everywhere now, piled high and on sale, and much is possible with this simple summer squash.  Anyone who has ever grown zucchini knows the plant is energetic … Continue reading

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Summer Veggies

What is there to say?  Summer is upon us.  We are awash in the green, Midwestern heat and the farmer’s markets are in full swing.  This dish is simple.  Buy vegetables that you like to eat, those in their delectable … Continue reading

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I took an unplanned departure from my blog for several weeks, and it has unexpectedly thrown me off course.  I left home in late April to go to another home; that is, I went to Kolkata because my grandmother passed … Continue reading

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We are having warm weather all week.  I am excited by this.  I am excited because it is the second week of April, and it has been known to snow during the second week of April.  But this year, we’ve … Continue reading

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