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Like Stars

The Internet tells me there are more than 40,000 varieties of rice, which seems entirely plausible, a reasonable number.  It might have been much higher, given that for some three billion people, rice is part of the every day, rice … Continue reading

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Opposites Attract

I realize I haven’t posted any Bengali recipes in awhile.  I’ve been cooking Bengali food – but it hasn’t been all that pretty, especially when I am rushing around and getting ready to serve dinner by a certain hour so … Continue reading

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Spring Chickens Revisited

About a year ago, I posted an entry about a green apple chicken salad.  I am partial to chicken salad, and even more partial to apples in a chicken salad.  With a bit of tart and a bite of sweet, … Continue reading

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Warming Up

I didn’t make kima for years.  To be truthful, I didn’t make it at all.  Ever.  The thinking went . . . who needs to make some Indian variation of ground meat hash when there’s so much other stuff to … Continue reading

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The Main Course

Bengal’s culture of fish has been determined in large part by its geography.  Most of Bengal is a fertile alluvial plain, giving rise to rivers and wetlands that are partial to growing rice and prone to flooding.   Kolkata sits at the … Continue reading

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Spring has arrived.  We are apparently saving daylight, (saving it from what, I am tempted to ask) and finally, we are past the threat of snow.  The boxwood in our front yard have begun to release their pungent, sandy smell, … Continue reading

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Make It Fast

Make it now.  Make it taste good.  And make it nutritious too.  These are the demands of busy families.   The timeline of cooking shifts when children are present, especially the littlest ones who demand our constant attention.   Long hours spent … Continue reading

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Inner Circle

The more sophisticated the dish, the more it hogs the spotlight.   It’s unavoidable.  Guests coo and admire: “You must have spent so much time making this!”  We bask in their admiration, glowing because the dish was in fact an effort: … Continue reading

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The Perfect Couple

I occasionally disobey one of the cardinal rules of entertaining and try my hand at a dish that I’ve never quite made before.  It’s heresy, I know, and I’m either setting myself or my guests up for an experience we … Continue reading

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All Mixed Up

The autumn puja season is officially over, the weather is now cold, and the leaves lie in crushed, swirling patterns on our lawns and streets.  As a follow up to my begun bhaja (fried eggplant) and mamlet (omelet) posts, I would like to … Continue reading

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