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Banana Fanna Fo Fanana

Dear Readers, I have not written in this blog for more than a year.  At some point, the demands of work and family somehow superseded the ability to carve to out the time for a food journal.  I’ve been cooking … Continue reading

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30 Minutes or Less

I blame the pesto.  Yes, we are growing basil again this year, and no, I am not making pesto.  Too busy.  But my husband loves pesto, which you may have inferred if you read last summer’s post about making pesto. … Continue reading

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Like Stars

The Internet tells me there are more than 40,000 varieties of rice, which seems entirely plausible, a reasonable number.  It might have been much higher, given that for some three billion people, rice is part of the every day, rice … Continue reading

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Opposites Attract

I realize I haven’t posted any Bengali recipes in awhile.  I’ve been cooking Bengali food – but it hasn’t been all that pretty, especially when I am rushing around and getting ready to serve dinner by a certain hour so … Continue reading

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Spring Chickens Revisited

About a year ago, I posted an entry about a green apple chicken salad.  I am partial to chicken salad, and even more partial to apples in a chicken salad.  With a bit of tart and a bite of sweet, … Continue reading

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After a few days of cooking, the fridge is full of this and that.  I play a game of “I Spy” with the fridge and reclaim Sunday’s pork roast, excavate mushrooms from the crisper drawer, and hope the red bell, … Continue reading

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Big Blue

I have always been fascinated by the pot roast, or more appropriately, by the idea of a pot roast.  Growing up, it was a Sunday dinner staple for a number of my friends, but for me it was a marvelous … Continue reading

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Just Guess

It started with a birthday dinner for a vegetarian guest of honor.  The weather has been topsy turvy and a slight nudge of chill and wet revived my longing for soup.  I settled on a variation of vichyssoise but wanted the … Continue reading

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Warming Up

I didn’t make kima for years.  To be truthful, I didn’t make it at all.  Ever.  The thinking went . . . who needs to make some Indian variation of ground meat hash when there’s so much other stuff to … Continue reading

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Under the Chicago Sun

Every year we buy two sweet basil plants.  They are easygoing herbs and ask for little.  They withstand storms and seem impervious to bugs.  The basil flourish, and right around this time each year, the plants delight in flowering and producing … Continue reading

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