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Banana Fanna Fo Fanana

Dear Readers, I have not written in this blog for more than a year.  At some point, the demands of work and family somehow superseded the ability to carve to out the time for a food journal.  I’ve been cooking … Continue reading

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30 Minutes or Less

I blame the pesto.  Yes, we are growing basil again this year, and no, I am not making pesto.  Too busy.  But my husband loves pesto, which you may have inferred if you read last summer’s post about making pesto. … Continue reading

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The Doctor Is In

We had a touch of snow in Chicago about two weeks ago.  A light dusting of 20 inches or so, officially.  In some places, the snow drifts were a wee bit deeper, around three or four feet.   Even the most … Continue reading

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All Mixed Up

The autumn puja season is officially over, the weather is now cold, and the leaves lie in crushed, swirling patterns on our lawns and streets.  As a follow up to my begun bhaja (fried eggplant) and mamlet (omelet) posts, I would like to … Continue reading

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The Bengali meal, when allowed to  showboat in all its unabated complexity, is a grandiose, multi-course affair.  For very special occasions, one might be served 12 to 15 courses.  But for the less spectacular, everyday meal, one would be served … Continue reading

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A Contest

Many years ago, back when my husband was my boyfriend and we would occasionally cook meals at his home, I found myself continuously surprised by the undisclosed  riches tucked away in a galley city kitchen.   My rummaging around yielded a … Continue reading

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