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Spring Chickens Revisited

About a year ago, I posted an entry about a green apple chicken salad.  I am partial to chicken salad, and even more partial to apples in a chicken salad.  With a bit of tart and a bite of sweet, … Continue reading

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Spring Chickens

It’s time.  Yesterday I went to the garden center and bought pink dahlias, purple daisies, and some fancy dirt.  Also floppy petunias, striated coleus and the start of a little herb garden.  I am a city gardener, a small timer … Continue reading

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I’d like to introduce a subgenre of Bengali cuisine known as Indian-Chinese cuisine.  Kolkata once had a large and flourishing Chinatown, which was established in the late eighteenth century.  Chinese scholars and traders have traveled throughout India for thousands of … Continue reading

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More or Less

Once I began to live on my own, I cooked via trial and error quite a bit, especially when I was in college and was at a loss for precise measurements and cooking techniques.  I learned how to make murgir … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I like the contemporary spirit of Thanksgiving – the notion that we might come together with our families and friends and give thanks to people, gestures, ideas, things that make our lives better, more luminous … Continue reading

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